AS Accountant

AS Accountant 4.1

Designed for accounting automation of middle and small enterprises
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AS-Accountant 2011 system is designed for accounting automation of middle and small enterprises.
The system is easy to install and exploit. It is simple and clear in usage.
AS-Accountant 2011 system corresponds with new accounting standards.
AS-Accountant 2011 system has the following subsystems:
General Ledger
Partners (debtors and creditors) accounting
Short-life items' accounting
Fixed Assets
Among important abilities of AS-Accountant 2011 are:
Multicurrency accounting
Forming of all the initial documents
Obtaining of all the financial report forms
-Balance sheet (form N1)
-Income statement (form N2)
-Statement of changes in equity (form N3)
-Cash flow statement (form N4)
-Notes to financial statements (form N5)
-VAT calculation
Synthetic and analytic reports
Many other subsidiary reports
Capability to export data to MS Word and MS Excel systems
Single and multi-user versions
AS-Accountant 2011 system is integrated to AS-ClientBank system, with the help of which is possible to do transfers and get excerpt without visiting banks. This allows to avoid additional expenses and time wastage concerned with visits to bank.

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